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Visual Studio Code is a powerful and versatile code editor that is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of different programming tasks. While Visual Studio Code is capable of doing a lot on its own, its true power comes from the vast selection of extensions available from the VS Code Marketplace. Extensions enable developers to customize their Visual Studio Code experience and increase their productivity.

Live Server:

This extension allows you to launch a local development server with live reload feature for static and dynamic pages. This is a great tool for quickly previewing your work without having to manually upload it to a web server.


This extension is a code formatter that automatically formats code according to a predefined style guide. It supports a wide variety of languages and the settings can be customized to suit your preferences.


This extension integrates ESLint into VS Code, allowing you to detect and fix coding errors and potential problems in your code. It supports a wide variety of programming languages and integrates with the Prettier extension for automatic code formatting.


This extension provides powerful insights into your Git repository, allowing you to easily navigate and explore your code. It provides you with advanced features such as showing blame annotations, code lens, and detailed diffs.


This extension adds rich support for the Python programming language to VS Code, including features such as Intellisense, linting, debugging, and more. It supports both Python 2 and 3 and can be used with popular frameworks such as Django and Flask.

Material Icon Theme:

This extension adds a library of Material Design icons to VS Code, allowing you to easily find and insert icons into your code. It also provides a set of custom file icons to help you quickly identify different types of files.

Bracket Pair Colorizer:

This extension is a great way to make your code easier to read and understand. It adds color to your brackets, allowing you to easily identify nested blocks of code.

These are just a few of the best VS Code extensions available. With so many to choose from, its easy to find an extension that can help you increase your productivity and customize your experience. So take a look through the VS Code Marketplace and see what extension you can find thats perfect for you.

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